Monday, August 4, 2014


We as humans often get lazy and lose sight of our overall health. We become side tracked by other people, other reasons , other excuses. We do this so we justify not focusing on ourselves. We think of it as being selfish when we focus on our own health our own image our own body. Why is that though?? Are we scared to work on ourselves and find it easier to help fix others? 

I say forget all that bullshit and focus on YOU! Join a gym. Join a bootcamp.  Join a running group. Hire a trainer. Be selfish and focused and your goals will become more clear. Schedule ME time in your calendar. Stick to it. Your wouldn't miss a doctor appointment so why would you stand up the most important person. YOU. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Journey Commence

First step in a new journey.

This is a blog where we are going to be talking about Fitness, wait I am starting to really not understand that word anymore. "Fitness" has been so over used in terms of Strength or Endurance. How can one word describe numerous things? Why has it been put into place instead of Mobility, Balance, Power, and Flexibility? But wait there is something even more perplexing, Fitness Competitions, or is it Fitness Posing?? Where is the competition showing Strength and Power? A contest where the task matters, I guess you can say Crossfit Games. We won't go down that road just yet. Back to Fitness, if we really think about the word we could go on and on about what it could mean. It should really mean that you are able to live and thrive as a human being and enjoy being active and not have limitations with MOVEMENT! MOVEMENT. HMMM now that is something to think about.......